Former carpenter by trade spending 11 years in the residential construction industry across NSW and QLD. After a losing a close mate to suicide in 2015, Dan along with Ed Ross decided that something has to be done at a grass roots level to change the tone of the conversation. 

Together they created TradeMutt – a social enterprise workwear brand creating funky, eye-catching garments designed to start conversations about mental health among tradies at a peer to peer level while helping to drive the much needed social and cultural shift in attitude towards mental health.

 Continuing their work, Dan with Ed also created their own non-profit mental health support service TIACS (This Is A Conversation Starter). 

 As TradeMutt co-founder and Chairperson of TIACS Board Dan continues his passion about using business to create solutions for social issues but when he is not doing this, he is creating problems for the people he plays against in social sport.