What is Mental Health ?

Mental Health is more than just looking at what is wrong.

Mental Health is bantered about by many of us and often misunderstood to be a bunch of mental conditions such as schizophrenia or bi-polar. To understand how this misunderstanding happens we can make a simple analogy to an easy experiment. A professor makes a mark on a piece of paper and asks his students to shout out what they see. As if in unison all say they see a black dot. The professor challenged his students asking why do you only see a black dot in the middle of this sheet of paper which takes up a mere space on an otherwise white sheet. Why did you all not say you see white space which takes up 98% of the paper?

Mental Health, is often misunderstood in the same way the students only saw the black dot. Often people think mental health is a range of mental conditions like depression or schizophrenia. However, mental health encompasses everything that is good and negative in our minds. Mental Health is simply about your whole mental wellbeing and how your responses to stresses from life may affect your potential.


A healthy mindset is knowing you can be calm and find pleasure in life even when experiencing fear, anger, sadness, despair, irritation, confusion, or frustration. This healthy mind set helps us find perspective even if the challenge is particularly hard. Sometimes however, our minds don’t respond to difficult challenges and won’t let us move on to more positive ways of thinking. Anxiety, depression, anger or fear, compulsions or addictions consume us and we are unable to experience life like we should. This is not uncommon; nearly half of all adults at some point in their lives will endure times of acute mental, physical, and emotional suffering, and find it hard to work, play, eat, sleep, or open up to others. 


When you are unable to digest what life throws at you there is help available. The TIACS Foundation has been established particularly for people in the blue collar industry. This is in response to findings that people in this industry have higher rates of suicide. The cause of this higher level of suicide is unknown. What we do know is many people in this sector struggle to reach out when they are unable to digest what life throws at them. Also, many men don’t believe that they should talk about their mental state and when they do get the courage to reach out they can’t find an appropriate avenue to find help.

TIACS Foundation is a free professional psychology service that understands the mental health issues in the blue collar industry. This service is new and available to workers and their families.

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