Business Name: TradeMutt
Employees: 12
Membership Level: $120k Annual
Date Joined – June 2020

Why did your organisation join the Alliance? 

TradeMutt joined the Alliance as a founding member as it was a simple and efficient way for us to provide impact data to our community. As a social enterprise working in the mental health space we found it incredibly hard to show transparency in relation to our impact. Once we realised we could support TIACS with a set monthly amount and gain daily impact data updates it was a no brainer for us. 

What feedback have you had from staff and customers since joining the Alliance?

Overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our customers love knowing where their money is going. The ability to have not only macro data but micro to the level of presenting symptoms, location and occupation is incredibly powerful. 

How does TIACS compare to other non-profits your organisation has supported?

It doesn’t, that’s why we support it. There is very little transparency in regards to the changes being made within most NFP’s and we are not in the business of throwing our money away. We also love to way it is so personalised with monthly calls from Jason and monthly impact reports to keep everyone updated on the ups and downs. 

Would you recommend another business join the Alliance?

We recommend TIACS regularly to other organisations who are searching for a new charity partner. The Alliance partner group is one of high quality and its amazing having so many like minded organisations supporting an amazing initiative.