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What is the Alliance

The service that TIACS provides is made free by the generous support from a collective of businesses who share a common vision to support the blue collar community by funding easily accessible mental health counselling when they need it. Together these business form the TIACS Alliance.

The Alliance was formed in November 2021 and since then we have welcomed some of Australia’s most trusted and well known brands and organisations right down to local small businesses all doing their part to make real change.

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Why did TIACS create the Alliance

Whilst blue collar industries account for the highest representation of suicide statics nationally, our goal at TIACS is to provide a simple, reliable counselling service that can provide support to those who need it most.

As the demand for mental health services continues to grow, TIACS is meeting that need head on. As a nonprofit, TIACS relies on the financial support of the community in order to provide it’s service, fund more counsellors and cover operating costs.

The Alliance was created to establish a funding model which activates the very industry we aim to support.

This by industry for industry approach is key to maintaining the  relatability of a service that is tailored for working Australians.

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Why Join the Alliance

By industry for industry

it’s up to all of us

Transparent use of funds

know exactly where your money is going

Live Impact Data

measure our outcomes

Create real change

action over awareness

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