Doctor Taking Notes


All psychologists are legally required to be registered in Australia, which means your psychologist is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. This means that your psychologist is properly trained and ensures that you receive high quality, ethical service. 

On the Phone

Thank you for calling TIACS.  This is a free phone, text and video counselling service. By using TIACS service you agree to the terms and Conditions described here.  The service is delivered by a team of Mental Health Professionals trained in various evidenced based methods of support and treatment for immediate issues and longer term difficulties for Tradies and their families.

There are a number of aims of the service:

  • To provide a free professional and ethical psychology service to men in blue collar work and those close to them. 

  • To provide relief for those in emotional distress, and to safely manage any immediate to life or safety.

  • To provide phone, text, and video counselling at a time that is convenient to the caller.

  • To provide information and resources for managing any ongoing issues.

  • To raise awareness of mental health issues

  • To promote help seeking behaviour and to develop resiliency