Marc here from TIACS Foundation. I wanted to share a little of the TIACS Foundation journey with you.

For those not in the know, TIACS Foundation an initiative of TradeMutt, is a registered Australian charity. TIACS is the acronym for This Is A Conversation Starter. Our name sits on the back of every TradeMutt work shirt.

TIACS is here to offer psychological support to people in need.

In the early days, we were like a mate for people that needed to chat about their circumstances. Where the issue was bigger than a chat, we provided funding for a mental health professional to provide counselling.

We’ve had some setbacks as any startup does, but we’ve kept our eyes on the bigger picture and happily our first major milestone is here.

The TIACS Foundation support line is here and it’s live.

If you need support, we’re a phone call or a text away - 0488 846 988 (9.30 -5pm weekdays) will put you in touch with a mental health professional without charge.

The support line is manned by volunteers. It’s early days and we’re building capacity to extend the hours we’re available.  Check the website www.tiacs.org for operating hours.

Quick chat or text – great; longer chat – cool; need a follow up – no problem. We’re here for as long as you need support.

TIACS Foundation – removing the financial and physical barrier to better mental health